About Tittle for Parents

Children are found to be spending too much time on their smartphones than before.

How it all started

The team had noticed an emerging trend in recent years – children are spending too much time on their smartphones than before. Smartphones are taking over their childhood and it is becoming a problem.

We began to develop and bring to life a dream app – one that will set limits on children’s phone usage. Tittle urges parents to guide their children through the importance of responsibility and unplugging.

Figures at a glance


Children with


tablet access

1 hr

Daily average time

spent on devices

(3-5 year olds)

1.5 hrs

Daily average time

spent on devices

(6-8 year olds)


Parent with demand

for parental control


Top 4 parent concerns on child
mobile phone usage

• Exposure to inappropriate content

• Impact on health

• Addiction

• High phone bill

Top 5 desired parental control


• Set time limits on usage

• Prevent in-app purchase

• Monitor child’s mobile phone usage

• Allow limited usage of apps

• Able to see library of apps

*Figures are derived from a study conducted in 2014; based on children’s consumption of devices in Southeast Asia, a regionally representative quantitative study of 2,714 Southeast Asian parents with at least 3,917 children aged between 3 and 8 years.

Introducing the solution

 to your problem

Tittle for Parents is a new parental control app specially developed for all new age parents. In this world of technology where time spent on mobile phones is fast outweighing quality time spent offline with family and friends, there is a higher risk of your child being exposed to unwanted/inappropriate content during their browsing.

Through Tittle, we encourage parents to take the lead in managing your child’s mobile activity and be that key to guide them through the world wide web.

Tittle is an Android & iOS friendly parental control app that allows parents to easily block or enable mobile apps like the internet.

Disconnect to connect

If adults require work-life balance, children should require “play-life” balance too. Instead of spending hours on end on their mobile phones, Tittle strives to instill discipline and responsibility through the introduction of Tittle.

Educate our future generation that there is always a time to disconnect – to explore the beautiful world beyond the confines of their room instead of mere “digital socializing”.

Just a click away

Our user-friendly Tittle app helps parents to manage and keep a healthy watch over their child’s activities on their mobile devices whilst on the go. Along with our tracking capability*, parents will also be able to know their child’s whereabouts.

Having the ability to block access to apps empowers parents to limit the content their child may be exposed to online. This measure of control allows parents to have some peace of mind even when they are not physically together. You determine when your child should or should not be on their phones; the apps they should or should not use.

The Internet can be a safe place too.

Say hello to smart parenting.

Tittle for Parents helps parents manage their child’s screen time on the go
Tittle for Parents helps parents manage their child’s screen time on the go
Tittle for Parents helps parents manage their child’s screen time on the go
Tittle for Parents helps parents manage their child’s screen time on the go

What parents said about us


Too good to be true! Just what I need to get my seven year old off the tablet. She rarely listens to my urging to stop and spends most of her waking moments on weekends watching YouTube. Wonder if Tittle is able to filter or have a record of what videos or websites she goes to?

Ivy Teo


Wished I had found this earlier! I like that I get to choose the apps I want to block, but still keep essential functions like phone and messages on. My brother was worried that my niece was spending too much time on her tablet and fear her eyesight worsening. With this app, at least we try to manage the time she spends staring at those screens.. although a trip to the optometrist is now unavoidable…



Tittle – great app to track your kids. Every parent should download and try.

Derrick Goh


My job requires me to be away a lot, but this app allows more than one parent to login using the same acct – so even if I am busy, someone from the family can help out too. It’s not too expensive to get additional access so I may get even more!