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App Update for Tittle v3.0 (Full Release Note)
Hello, parents! The moment we have been waiting for is here.

We have done an overhaul to Tittle for Parents to improve overall user experience in the all new Tittle v3.0, with the core objective of providing an easier and more convenient way to help you manage your child’s screen time.

Here’s what new in v3.0.

UX Improvement

  • Reduced steps and enhanced flow for better user experience
  • Skip the sign up process & log in with Facebook now


App Usage

  • App data updated every 15 minutes (for improved accuracy)
  • Monitor your child’s daily app usage from current date up to past 7 days


App Access

  • Combined Apps & Configuration (Settings, Play Store, App Store, In-App Purchase)
  • Block access to your child’s apps all in one screen
  • Added quick search in Android child device



  • Quicker schedule creation
  • Removed mandatory field for schedule name
  • Introduced start/end date and schedule time zone for better accuracy
  • Improved repeat options
  • Option to switch schedule to another tittler in the same screen (before schedule creation)



  • Quicker geofencing location/landmark creation
  • Improved accuracy for landmarks (alerts will only be triggered if child stays at same spot for at least 10 minutes)
  • Removed date & time period (this means you will be informed whenever your child steps in or out of the set boundaries)
  • Introduced option to apply same geofencing item for all/selected child devices


Same app, half your effort, double your control.

Say hello to smart parenting!

App Update for Tittle v2.0 (Full Release Note)
Hello, parents! We are excited to share these new features with you, here’s what’s new in v2.0.


App Usage

  • Replaces the current ‘Activities’ tab
  • Monitor duration of your child’s app usage by current date or review records in the last 7 days, 14 days or 30 days



  • Receive zone alerts when child is within or beyond set boundaries
  • Create location address or choose from list of Google landmarks
  • Select preferred radius of each zone
  • Additional function to allow setting of time periods for each zone



  • Schedule function updated – added All Day or Overnight option (to block device during bedtime!)


Managing iOS Devices with Android

  • Android parent devices can now pair and manage iOS child devices through Apps Access and Schedule function, as well as Location tracking
  • Managing an iOS device is different wherein iOS allows only blocking of selected software apps and downloaded apps. Individual blocking of apps is not possible


Colour of the Schedule Buttons and What They Actually Mean
There are instances where you find that the schedule(s) you have created for your child should be active/running, but your child is somehow still using their phones freely?

Besides devices that go into sleep mode, lose connection, experience weak/unstable connection, or is out of connectivity zone, there may be other scenarios that will affect your schedules.

Schedule colour modes:

  • Green – active schedule
  • Orange – inactive schedule
  • Red – interrupted schedule due to Master Access being enabled/disabled


  • RED: If a schedule is created when Master Access is disabled, the schedule will not begin when the set time starts. You will see this message “Schedule will not start as Master Access has been disabled.” 
  • RED: If Master Access is disabled during an active schedule, the schedule will be stopped immediately. You will see this message “Schedule has stopped as Master Access was disabled.” 

The schedule mode will go back to ‘orange’ after the end of the schedule time (if it’s set to repeat another day).

  • RED: Following the above scenario, if Master Access is enabled again, the halted schedule will not resume. You will see this message “Schedule has stopped and will not restore as Master Access was disabled earlier.” 

The schedule mode will remain ‘red’ until the end of the schedule time, after which it will go back to ‘orange’ (if it’s set to repeat another day).

We have updated Tittle in both Play Store and App Store with these new features and fixes. Try out the new features and do share with us your experience at

Say hello to smart parenting!

Hello, parents! For the past few months, our team has worked hard to include new and improved features. Here’s what’s new in this update.


Multi Time Zone Setup

  • Pre-determine time zone of your child’s device
  • No confusion even if you and your child are in different time zones



  • Schedule function updated – create schedule to block usage
  • Create more than one schedule per child for various purposes, e.g. school time, family time, meal time, bed time etc
  • Manage apps for different schedules, e.g. enable phone function, block browsers on child’s phone


Location Tracking for iOS

  • Parents can now track the child’s location on iOS devices


Master Access

  • Previously, Enable button in Master App Access is to Disable all apps across all children’s devices. We have synchronized the Disable / Enable button in Master App Access with all other Apps Access functions to work the same way now
  • In a nutshell, Green = Enabled and White = Disabled



Device Status

Devices that go into sleep mode, lose connection, experience weak/unstable connection, or out of connectivity zone will not receive the parent device’s command until they are unlocked/reconnected.
We have updated the following messages for instances when child device is sometimes unable to receive parent device’s command,

  • For successful disable/enable request = “Update successful!
  • If server is down = “Server is busy. Please try again later.”
  • If Google Cloud or Apple server experience delay / offline device = “Your child’s device will be updated after a short interval or when the device is online.

Note for Parents with Android Child Devices

Battery Optimisation

  • Applicable to both parent and child devices running on Android 6 or newer
  • Disable this function to prevent child device from automatically blocking Tittle’s commands and notification


Usage Data Access

  • Applicable to child devices running on Android 5.0 or newer
  • Enable this function to ensure Tittle is given “permission” to monitor and track your child device


We have updated Tittle in both Play Store and App Store with new features and fixes. Make a difference in your family. Become a smarter parent now. Do send us an email at if you have any queries.
Say hello to smart parenting!

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