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About Us

Screen Time Trends & Threats

The more time our children spend online, the greater the online risks faced.
Do you know what they are doing online and with whom?

Top 4 Mobile Activities

  • Text messaging81%
  • Downloading apps59%
  • Playing preinstalled games using mobile internet & accessing websites53%
  • Live video calling46%

Top 4 Cyber Risks

  • Experienced cyberbullying47%
  • Have seen, sent or received inappropriate content sexual in nature17%
  • Chatted with and met online strangers in real life10%
  • Addicted to video games11%

Top 5 Desired Parental Control Features

How it All Started

The team had noticed an emerging trend and changing family dynamics. As more children are brought up in the digital age, we also see an increase in screen time. Simply put, more children glued to their smartphone screens. This behaviour does not become a problem until it becomes more difficult to impose and reinforce house rules, and it starts taking over quality family bonding time.

We decided to dive right to the root of the problem – smartphones. Tapping on mobile technology, we began to work on Tittle. The parental control app stemmed from the idea of being able to instil, negotiate, guide and control young children’s mobile usage and consumption with a single tap.

Solution to Your Problem

Tittle for Parents is a parental control app that helps parents to manage children’s screen time through limiting device use and blocking access to mobile apps like games and videos. In this digital age where time spent on mobile phones is fast outweighing quality time spent offline with family and friends, there is a higher risk of children being exposed to unwanted and inappropriate content during unsupervised browsing.

With Tittle's parental control solution, we encourage all parents to play an active role in understanding your children’s screen time and mobile activities. And to be that key to guide and ensure safer boundaries for exploring the worldwide web.

Ultimately, we hope Tittle empowers, advocates and urges parents to guide their growing, curious and impressionable children through the importance of family responsibilities, healthier lifestyles and safer online exploration.

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