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An Active Family is a Healthy Family

We, both adults and kids,  spend way too much time sitting in front of televisions, computers, and personal devices. Though it may seem harmless at the start, living a life devoid of physical activity is terrible for the physical and mental wellbeing.

If the only “physical activity” you do is walking from the couch to the refrigerator and back, you are due for a lifestyle change before it becomes a health hazard.

Physical activity is integral to promoting healthy growth and development. Lack of exercise will lead to various health problems. Unfortunately, our children today are leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles, spending most of their time on media devices, which typically means neglecting physical activity. In fact, it is becoming such a privilege that in most developed nations, children no longer spend time on the paddy fields but in the comfort of fully air-conditioned homes. Just how much time are we spending in front of media devices, and how bad could it be?


Schools Have Mandatory Physical Education for a Reason

I hope that living on planet earth for the last few decades has taught you a thing or two about the importance of being physically active. But are you applying what you have learned to your kids? In this post, let us look at why physical activity is essential for your child’s development and how it can benefit the family.

Health Problems

Being young does not mean they are impervious to the adverse health effects associated with inactivity. The lack of physical activity during childhood can pave the way for several health problems. One common “side effect” is excess body fat build-up; eventually leading to obesity. Increasing the chances of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems, bone problems etc, many of which are associated with “old people”.

Lack of Fine Motor Skills

Physical play helps with the development of motor skills that are especially for toddlers. Physical play helps toddlers develop necessary skills such as crawling, walking and performing tasks like using a pencil or tying shoelaces.

Without these skills, kids would be dependent on their parents to help them with daily tasks, such as getting dressed or eating. It would only worsen as they reach the age where they have to go to school, they may find it challenging in class to draw basic shapes and write neatly. 

Emotional Problems

If your child is not only physically unfit, and god forbid, overweight or obese jointly referred to as “fat”, there is an additional emotional cost to pay. There is a truth to how Hollywood portrays the stereotypical “fat kids” in school. I can attest to that because I was obese myself for most of my childhood.

Children can be tactless creatures, they are straightforward and tend to speak their mind, though they may not mean any harm. Needless to say, the social stigma of being that “fat kid” in class takes a heavy toll on a child’s self-esteem.

Naturally, this leads to lower self-confidence, and in turn, it may hurt academic performance. Not forgetting to mention, this discrimination continues even after becoming adults.


What You Should Do

The health benefits of being active definitely outweigh the cost. Being active means children are likely to have fewer health problems and less prone to getting sick. Having your child participate in outdoor activities or sports helps to nurture both his physical and physiological health, ensuring that he/she can lead the best possible life.

Picking Up a Sport

Allowing your child to pick up a sport he/she likes not only keep him/her physically fit, but it’s also an excellent method for training their mental, emotional, and social skills.

Participating in sports can boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence. Regardless if it’s a team sport or solo sport, words of encouragement and constructive criticism often used by coaches can be life-changing. By listening and training with coaches, children learn from a young age to accept their weaknesses and work to improve themselves. Definitely an attribute that all parents want in kids!

Activity as a Family

Do you remember the last time you brought your family out for any outdoor activity? We understand that it is so much easier to be on the couch and catch a movie with your family.

After spending so much time on a computer screen at work, don’t you think it’s time to take a break from screens? No laptops, no mobile devices, just you and your family spending quality time together. Go for a swim, play volleyball at the beach, or cycling at the park; the choices are endless. Physical activity as a family strengthens not only the body but also the family bond!

An Active Family is a Healthy Family

Being the Ideal Role Model

Did you know that children take their parents as role models? Research has shown that your level of activity affects your child’s level of activity; physical activity in children rises by 5 to 10 minutes for every 20-minute physical activity done by a parent.

We are not asking you to host a soccer competition in your neighbourhood. Rather than sitting in front of screens, go for a run with your kid.

Incorporating physical activity into their lives when they are young will help them establish a healthy lifestyle even after they are grown up.


Start Today!

Unfortunately, kids today seem to prefer to only spend time in front of their mobile gadgets. It is thus, the dream of every digital-age parent to have kids that remain physically active without much prodding. Setting time aside every day for physical activities would be ideal.

Tittle for Parents allows families to do just that! Take back time with Tittle. Whether it’s helping out with housework or spending time in the great outdoors; Tittle can help you to create scheduled downtime; set up tasks at specific times of the day to ensure your kids get a healthy dose of physical activities.

There is no better time than now as we step into the new year! Getting your child to be active will be tougher if they are used to a sedentary lifestyle. Don’t wait any longer; start cultivating a healthy family lifestyle today!

An Active Family is a Healthy Family

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