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The Magic of “Invisible” Controls for Busy Parents

Are you a busy parent? Chances are you are feeling overwhelmed with a 24/7 duty be it as a stay-home parent or a full-time working parent. Sometimes you might wish you could grow an extra pair of hands or even a pair of eyes at the back of your head. If you have multiple children, 30 seconds of turning away could result in irreversible chaos. We could all do with more peaceful moments than chaotic ones! If you find it challenging juggling packed routines, worrying about your child’s safety and your own to-do list, getting peace of mind using technology could be what you need.

Technology is disruptive, yet effectively so. We can use technology to help us locate our child, be assured they are safe, manage their screen time and more. For school-going children, it is sometimes necessary for them to commute between home and school, or attend classes after school. With a click, you can identify their location and even set boundaries which alert you if they have “strayed off-course”. With minimal fuss and multiple controls in place, we can enjoy peace of mind knowing our child is safe.


Tittle for Parents is a smart parenting app that promotes safe browsing for children, sets limits on mobile screens and keeps track of your child’s movements. Here are some useful functions that work at the touch of your fingertips:

1. Blocking and Allowing App Access

Tittle lets you control app access effort. This means “YouTube” can be blocked while “Dictionary” is allowed according to your restrictions. Once an app is blocked, it remains inaccessible until the parent changes the app settings. This lessens worries about unhealthy addictions to games or chat apps that you are concerned about. Having witnessed many young children addicted to their screens grow up into adults with the same addiction, it is imperative that this generation correct such habits before it takes root. Turning on controls is a breeze compared to endless nagging or repeated unheeded threats. Managing screen time can be easy without the power struggles!

2. Scheduling a Routine

Forget about hardcopy timetables pasted on walls or written rules that usually go ignored. Use Tittle to preset various schedules to manage device usage, once you set controls in place – voila! Make it a point that devices can be used only for a certain purpose at specific timings and this becomes a routine that is “set in stone”. Your children will be accustomed to following a screen time pattern on top of their daily schedules. There is no need for setting reminders on devices to manually block or allow an app. The daily schedule set on Tittle will be automatically turned on at the same time every day.


3. Keeping an Eye Online

Effectively monitoring your child’s device usage does not mean hovering around their screens all the time – which is impossible anyway. Furthermore, they would not surf undesirable sites intentionally while right under your nose. Keep your radar on using invisible means! Firstly, educate them about the dangers of undesirable content exposure, as well as potential predators or groomers lurking online. Secondly, disable access to other third party browsers and have your children use Tittle’s custom web browser. This enables you to review the websites your child has visited. With these records, you can better understand their browsing habits and also block inappropriate websites and other related content. As a parent, one very real concern is the amount of site content your child has access to. With Tittle, you can dismiss some of these fears!

4. Tracking Our Children

Never presume that your children are safe. With the number of child abductions on the rise around the globe, being certain of your child’s whereabouts is critical. Instead of frequently making phone calls and relying on text messaging to check on the children, you can check their exact location using Tittle. This can be done easily even when you are in the middle of a meeting or a work errand! Be certain that your child has arrived home or reached the enrichment centre/library safely.

5. Setting up Notification Alerts

You might be stuck in really bad traffic or in a meeting that overran, or perhaps too busy caring for the other ill child at home. It can be challenging tracking your child’s every move but geofencing notifications can be a lifesaver. Choose to be notified when your child arrives or leaves school, reached their next destination in a timely manner, or even if they step into out-of-bounds places such as a mall or amusement park. The last thing you want to be notified about though, is your child being found at a police station! Be safe, not sorry!


6. Nurturing Responsibility in Our Children

How many children does it take to change a light bulb? Probably none. A lot of times, we tend to finish our children’s tasks for them because it is faster and easier to do it ourselves than to pick up after them. This saves us time and the effort of nagging and prodding. However, it does not bode well for the child in the long run. He might not learn to do things on his own and expects others to do his job.

Nurturing responsibility in our children is a tedious process yet needful. It is best to start them early beginning with simple, age-appropriate tasks such as packing toys after play or setting the dinner table. Tittle allows parents to create simple tasks and help children to understand their responsibilities. In this aspect, they can also learn to complete all the tasks given a timeframe by managing their time wisely. This sense of responsibility is a stepping stone towards raising an adult who can contribute meaningfully to society.


Solution for Busy Parents

As parents, we already have plenty on our plate. Coaching the children in their school work, feeding them nutritious meals, sending them to school and extra classes, laundry, cleaning, bringing home the bacon– the list is endless. At any one time, we are trying to juggle several tasks and responsibilities.

Perhaps one solution is to lighten our load in one easy way. Reduce the anxiety about your child’s screen time and use Tittle for controls and monitoring. You would then enjoy a more productive time completing all of your other tasks!

Download Tittle for Parents today and enjoy 14 days of free trial!

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