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Why You Should Be Reading to Your Baby

It’s never too early to start learning! Reading to your baby is a great way to not only bond but also ensure that your child gets a head start in word recognition. Research has shown that children benefit from being exposed to reading sessions during the first 5 years of their life. Specifically, these children who participate in regular reading sessions hear a cumulative 1.4 million more words than those children who are never read to.  


Language Development 

You don’t have to wait till they start talking; before they learn to speak and form perfect sentences, they need to learn how a language sounds. Needless to say, your baby would probably not understand a thing you say in the beginning. However, reading to them as early as six months of age leads to stronger vocabularies and better literacy skill, preparing them for school. 

Parent & Child Bonding

There is a ton of reasons to be reading to your child and opportunity for parent and child to bond takes the cake. Parents whose own parents took the time to read to them when they were younger would definitely remember the times when they were tucked into bed with their favourite book. Share this experience with your own children, it not only develops a stronger parent-child bond but is also an experience that would be remembered for a lifetime.

Only parents get to enjoy the experience; while reading to your baby, you get to enjoy the cute expressions they make in response to the sounds you make. It’s hard to describe the experience in words, but it’s definitely nothing short of magical, and something only a parent get to enjoy. 

Developing Good Reading Habits

Do something long enough, and eventually, it becomes a habit. Reading is definitely a good habit you want your child to pick up as young as they could. What better time to get the ball rolling but when they are tiny human beings?

Regular reading sessions when they are young is a great way to inculcate a love of reading to your child. As they are exposed to different stories, they will discover a genre that they resonate with, making reading enjoyable rather than a chore. For adults who abandoned books due to a busy schedule, reading to your baby could help reignite that reading habit yourself. 


We understand that it can feel like a hard ask at the end of a hectic day, particularly when it’s reading the same book you’ve read a dozen. For the sake of your children and yourself, spend less time on Netflix and K-dramas and spend more time with your child. Make storytime a nightly ritual. Parents are their child’s first teachers, the “sacrifice” you make today is going to be worth it in the long run!

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