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Our Features

Can’t get your kids to finish their meals? They just wouldn't take their eyes off their mobile phones or tablets? Check out Tittle’s parental control features specifically designed for each family need.

Good Balance

We want our children to understand priorities and find balance in their lives.


App Access

There are many reasons why parents choose to hand their children smartphones. At the same time, parents are also afraid that screen time end up posing more negative than positive effects on their children’s lives.

Tittle’s App Access grants you control over the apps your child is using anytime, anywhere. For instance, you may enable app use on enrichment apps but restrict games and social media. Tittle allows you to easily toggle on and off access to your child’s mobile settings, app store, mobile apps and browsers.


There is a time and place for everything. If you have already struck up a deal with your children on a “no screen time during dinner" rule but find yourself struggling to reinforce it, we bring you Tittle’s Schedule function.

With the schedule feature, you can now limit the screen time of your child. Impose and lock access to game apps according to your children’s daily schedules to ensure attention is given to school work during the scheduled hours.

App Usage & Screen Allowance

Do you have a clear sight on how your child is using his/her smartphone? Is your child spending too much time online? The App Usage feature allows parents to check the amount of time their child spends on each mobile app.

Set screen time allotment and encourage your child to balance their own usage across the day.

Data Usage

Have you ever gotten a rude surprise or shock when you receive your child’s mobile phone bill (or your bill if they use your phone)? Data Usage allows parents to check the mobile data consumption of apps their child is using on their device.

Set a daily or recurring limit and have your child learn to plan their data use over a stipulated period.

Proper Guidance

In the digital age, we encourage independent learning with the use of technology. However, independent learning without guidance may potentially cause an issue to child development.

App Activity

With this activity log feature, parents can monitor the apps that their child has downloaded and is accessing. If the content of an app is deemed inappropriate, parents can take the opportunity to have an open conversation, to guide and educate their children.

If absolutely necessary, parents can make use of App Access to block off access to this app.

Location Tracking

Teaching our young children independence does not mean we leave it entirely to them to make decisions on certain routines. Guidance and close checks are still needed to ensure their safety.

Get updates on their whereabouts. When your child’s device loses connection or goes into sleep mode, you will get an app notification instantly and the ‘Last Seen” location will be displayed instead.


In hand with location tracking, the geofencing feature is yet another feature designed to provide parents with more peace of mind at work. Is our child really staying back in school for extracurricular activities? Is he/she really at the library doing revision?

By allowing parents to set boundaries on specific addresses or Google landmarks, they are kept in the know when their children enter or leave these set boundaries.

Web Tracking

As much as we would like to encourage our children to search for answers themselves, we need to provide supervision where necessary.

Let your child surf the Internet with Tittle’s custom browser* and you can review their browsing habits with ease! If the child is searching for or is exposed to inappropriate content, parents can restrict access to those URLs as well as take the opportunity to start a conversation with them.

*Currently, iOS’ restrictions prevent Tittle from blocking third party browsers and only allow usage of Tittle as the standard browser.


There is little doubt that our children can search for and receive a ton of information online, but we also wish to educate and show them a world beyond the confines of their room and screens.


Use this feature to create daily or recurring tasks for your children. Encourage them and help build a sense of responsibility from a young age. You can also set goals and rewards to motivate them!

The in-built messaging tool also allows you to monitor their progress and communicate with them.

Learn with Tittle

Some screen time are better than others.

Learn on the go with our customised flash cards on colours, numbers and the alphabet! Download to your device, send it to your email or share it with fellow parents!

Android vs iOS

On top of basic parental controls, there are some differences in managing an Android device and an iOS device.

Here’s a quick comparison for your easy reference!

App Usage

Monitor app usage duration

Creating screen allowance

App Activity

Monitor recent app activities (download/delete/update)

Data Usage

Monitor mobile data consumption

Setting mobile data limit

App Access

General app block on child's device (all apps)

Individual app block on child's device

Disable in-app purchases

Disable access to App Store

Disable access to Settings

Prevent Tittle from being deleted on child device


Create multiple tasks for all children

Receive notifications when task is completed or message is sent by child

Send message to child via each task screen


Determine time periods to limit device use

Create multiple schedules for each child device

App management during active schedule


Be informed of child's present or last-seen location

Receive notification when location service is turned off on child device

Web Tracking

Custom browser in child’s app

View child’s website browsing history

Disable access to viewed websites

Add specific URL to block list

View other blocked websites and add to block list


Set up alerts when child device is within or beyond set boundaries

Learn with Tittle

Customised Tittle flash cards to encourage fun learning

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